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8 Best Wedding Venues in West Jordan, Utah

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Low Cost Wedding Venues in West Jordan

As the sparkling diamond ring graces your finger, your joy may be tempered by the daunting challenge of planning a wedding on a tight budget. The picturesque West Jordan, Utah, could be the perfect backdrop for your fairytale wedding, but finding affordable wedding venues in this much-loved destination can feel like an uphill battle. Suppose you exchange vows against the stunning Utah sunset without breaking the bank. This guide, 8 Low Cost Wedding Venues in West Jordan, Utah, is written for couples like you who are in love with each other, in love with Utah, but not in love with overpriced wedding bills. After all, the joy of your special day shouldn’t be overshadowed by financial stress. Start your lifelong journey of love and happiness with a dream wedding that will satisfy your wallet.


1. Jordan Event Center

Address: 9112 S Redwood Rd, West Jordan          Phone: +1 801-916-7677

The Jordan Event Center stands out as a highly recommended venue for its affordability, versatility, and stellar service. Notable for its pristine cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere, it caters to various event sizes – from intimate gatherings to larger family events. With amenities such as easy parking, a spacious kitchen, sufficient restrooms, a sound system, and a projector, it can accommodate up to 100 guests comfortably. Despite its smaller size, the convenience and customer service make it a gem. Past instances of access issues have been promptly addressed, indicating their dedication to customer satisfaction. The center’s popularity is evident in the number of repeat bookings and glowing reviews. In conclusion, if you’re seeking a well-kept, reliable, and cozy venue for your event, the Jordan Event Center is a top choice. Visit website for the online appointment:


  1. Event Space Rental: The Jordan Event Center provides a clean and welcoming space that can comfortably accommodate up to 100 guests, suitable for various events.
  2. Ample Amenities: The center offers essential amenities, including a spacious kitchen, sufficient restrooms, a sound system, and a projector for event use.
  3. Parking: Easy parking facilities are available for guests attending the events.
  4. Customer Service: Exceptional customer service is provided, with a responsive team that aids in smooth booking and event organization.
  5. Accessibility: The venue is designed to be easily accessible, making it welcoming and convenient for guests of all ages and mobility levels.


2. The Gathering Place at Gardner Village

Address: 1100 W 7800 S, West Jordan, UT          Phone: +1 801-938-1999

Situated in the heart of Salt Lake Valley, The Gathering Place at Gardner Village offers a unique blend of charm and history, ideal for various events. The 8,000 sq. ft. space can accommodate anything from corporate meetings to intimate weddings. Praise is particularly high for professional staff like Luis, who are dedicated to ensuring every event is a success. The venue’s decor has received mixed reviews, but a planned renovation promises to modernize the aesthetic. Its proximity to Gardner Village offers ample opportunities for photography and exploration, adding to the overall experience. The food and entertainment services, especially during festive events like Witchapalooza, receive a consistent commendation. The Gathering Place at Gardner Village has made its mark as a trusted event venue, focusing on customer satisfaction and continual improvement. Visit website for the online appointment:


  1. Diverse Event Hosting: They cater to various gatherings, from corporate functions to weddings.
  2. Quality Catering: Offering delicious and well-presented food for all events.
  3. Professional Planning: Their team ensures smooth planning and execution of every event.
  4. Scenic Venue: Located in Gardner Village, providing picturesque photography opportunities.
  5. Unique Entertainment: Special events like Witchapalooza add a distinct charm to occasions.


3. PX Palace Event Center

Address: 7879 S 1530 W #800, West Jordan, UT          Phone: +1 801-859-6763

This venue, while popular for its impressive sound system, delectable food, and attentive staff, has received awards. Major events, from sweet sixteens to quinceañeras, are enhanced by the venue’s comprehensive offerings of decor, food, and even limo service. The spacious interior and ample parking further contribute to its appeal. However, some concerns have been raised regarding the upkeep of the bathrooms and the presence of unattended children, which mar the otherwise enjoyable experience. While it remains a crowd favorite for most festivities, potential clients might want to consider these aspects. This venue has the potential to be an excellent choice if these minor issues are addressed and rectified. In short, it’s a good spot with room for improvement.


  1. Event Hosting: The venue is available for hosting various events, including birthdays, weddings, and children’s parties.
  2. Food Service: They provide food service which has been praised for its quality and taste.
  3. Sound System: An effective sound system is in place, which enhances the ambiance and overall experience.
  4. Decoration: The venue offers decoration services to suit the occasion.
  5. Limousine Service: They even facilitate a limousine service, adding a touch of luxury to the events.


4. Magnolia Grove Reception Center

Address: 1117 S Jordan Pkwy, South Jordan, UT          Phone: +1 801-254-8848

Magnolia Grove Reception Center shines as a versatile venue, perfect for weddings, company events, or school programs. Its spacious, well-maintained gardens create a picturesque setting for photography, while the indoor areas offer charm despite some views of outdated decor. Patrons generally praise the food, though some found it underwhelming. A common criticism targets the sound system, which is considered inadequate by several guests. The staff’s attentiveness and willingness to help have varied among reviewers. While some hosts enjoyed a worry-free event thanks to the diligent team, others cited lapses in setup and timing. Despite mixed experiences, many recommend Magnolia Grove for its timeless elegance and sprawling space. Improvements in service quality and facilities could elevate the experience to match its potential. Visit website for the online appointment:


  1. Event Hosting: Magnolia Grove Reception Center hosts various events, including weddings, company parties, school programs, and family gatherings.
  2. Catering: The venue provides in-house catering, with menu options praised by some reviewers.
  3. Event Setup: The venue staff assists in setting up the event, including arranging tables, chairs, and other decor elements.
  4. Venue Decor: Magnolia Grove boasts well-maintained gardens, a grand staircase, an inviting dance floor, and other appealing features that contribute to its charm.
  5. Additional Services: The venue accommodates special requests like setting up multimedia for slideshows or videos and arranging a sound system for live performances.


5. The Azalea Event Venue

Address: 11277 S Kestrel Rise Rd Suite B & C, South Jordan, UT          Phone: +1 801-820-4360

Azalea Event venue is a versatile choice for a variety of occasions, standing out with its generous decoration options and helpful staff. Its spacious interiors, coupled with a charming aesthetic appeal, make it an ideal spot for hosting any event. The management team is quick to respond and is continually striving to enhance the overall experience. Although there have been occasional issues with the sound system, proactive measures are being taken for improvements. An added convenience is the ample parking space, a much-appreciated rarity in event venues. In summary, Azalea offers a blend of service excellence and aesthetic appeal, promising a memorable and stress-free event-hosting experience. Visit website for the online appointment:


  1. Wedding Services: Azalea Event Venue provides a comprehensive package for wedding ceremonies and receptions, which includes a beautiful setting, decoration options, and experienced staff support.
  2. Event Planning Assistance: The staff at Azalea offers planning assistance to ensure events are seamless and stress-free, helping with decoration arrangement, layout planning, and other logistical aspects.
  3. Venue Decor Rentals: They provide a variety of decor items for rent, reducing the need for clients to source their decorations and thus saving time and cost.
  4. Sound System: Azalea venue includes a sound system facility, which can be used for music and announcements during the event.
  5. Ample Parking: They provide ample parking facilities to accommodate many guests, enhancing the overall convenience of hosting an event at this venue.


6. The View Event Venue

Address: 11649 4000 W Unit 310, South Jordan, UT          Phone: +1 801-888-8439

The View Event Venue is a remarkable choice for hosting memorable events, particularly favored for weddings. Its location, offering scenic city and mountain views, is well-complemented by a spacious parking lot. The venue shines with well-maintained, tastefully decorated interiors and a staff known for their friendly demeanor. Despite earlier concerns regarding shared parking with a nearby restaurant, the management’s prompt action in addressing this issue shows their commitment to providing a seamless experience. This venue, aptly named for its magnificent views, presents a blend of beauty, convenience, and exceptional service, marking it as a hidden gem in the realm of event hosting. In essence, its distinctive features and demonstrated dedication to service make The View an ideal pick for unforgettable events. Visit website for the online appointment:


  1. Event Hosting: The View Event Venue hosts various events, from weddings and anniversaries to business meetings and other social gatherings.
  2. Event Planning Assistance: The venue’s staff supports event planning and logistics to ensure a smooth and successful occasion.
  3. Scenic Location: The venue provides a picturesque backdrop with stunning city and mountain views, enhancing the ambiance of your event.
  4. Venue Setup and Decor: The staff assists in setting up and decorating the venue to match the event’s theme or requirements.
  5. Ample Parking: The venue features a spacious parking lot, ensuring convenient access for all guests.


7. Awaken Event Center

Address: 322 11000 S, South Jordan, UT          Phone: +1 385-346-1549

This venue shines with versatility, equally suited for weddings or corporate events, thanks to its modern aesthetics and flexible layout. Its top-notch amenities include an easy-to-use online booking system, advanced technical tools, and a kitchen ready to cater to all your needs. Picture-perfect memories are guaranteed with a stunning view from the third-level terrace and ample room for DJ and photo booth setups. Comfort meets professionalism here, with a friendly staff always eager to exceed expectations, maintaining clean, comfortable spaces that adapt to any occasion – be it a Christmas party, software training, or even a corporate retreat. Standout features like gaming spaces for breaks add an edge. The true beauty of this venue lies in its ability to transform into your perfect event backdrop every time. Visit website for the online appointment:


  1. Versatile Space: Accommodates a variety of events, from weddings to corporate meetings.
  2. Tech Facilities: Equipped with sound and projection equipment for seamless events.
  3. Catering Options: Kitchen facilities are available for self-catering or professional services.
  4. Professional Staff: Trained staff on hand to ensure smooth, efficient events.
  5. Online Booking: Easy, efficient reservation process via an online system.


8. The Shabby Chic Sisters wedding rentals

Address: 7984 S Red Baron Ln, West Jordan, UT          Phone: +1 801-860-2215

Shabby Chic Sisters Wedding Rentals offers an impressive inventory, blending vintage and modern aesthetics. Their services have transformed numerous events, from intimate backyard weddings to corporate gatherings. Their photo booth setups, stylish water stations, and high-quality arches have received rave reviews. Clients praise their swift responses, surpassing expectations in providing quality at cost-effective prices. The professionalism, flexibility, and accommodation they show in every interaction make the entire process seamless. Their creativity and eye for detail ensure every event looks picture-perfect, making it unforgettable. The rental inventory is well-maintained, with everything from beautiful backdrops to sturdy arches. For a service that’s reliable, quality-oriented, and truly understands the importance of your special events, Shabby Chic Sisters Wedding Rentals is an excellent choice. Visit website for the online appointment:


  1. Wedding Decor Rentals: Shabby Chic Sisters Wedding Rentals offers an array of decor items that include beautiful backdrops, stylish water stations, and high-quality arches, all essential for creating an enchanting wedding atmosphere.
  2. Event Furniture Rentals: They provide unique and well-maintained furniture for events, such as chairs, tables, and benches, ideal for small and large gatherings.
  3. Photobooth Setup: They offer photo booth setups with props and backdrops, adding a fun and interactive element to any event.
  4. Custom Decor Solutions: The Shabby Chic Sisters Wedding Rentals team can create custom decor elements according to clients’ specific needs and event themes, demonstrating their creativity and attention to detail.
  5. Delivery and Pick-up: Alongside their rental services, they provide the convenience of delivering and picking up rented items, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free event planning experience.


Final Thoughts: Low Cost Wedding Venues in West Jordan

West Jordan, Utah, offers more than breathtaking vistas; it’s also home to affordable venues that can turn your wedding dreams into a reality without inflicting a financial hangover. These 8 Low Cost Wedding Venues in West Jordan, Utah featured in this guide cater to various tastes, providing that elegance, romance, and budget-friendliness to your beloved. Your journey to become a married couple can be something other than a taxing one. Here’s to a splendid celebration that stays true to you, your love, without breaking the bank.