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10 Low Cost Wedding Venues in Ogden, Utah

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Low Cost Wedding Venues in Ogden

Are you looking best wedding venue in Ogden for your dream wedding at affordable prices? Stay here! This article had created for you. Imagine planning your dream wedding to have your heart sink at the sight of astronomical venue prices. You’re not alone. Countless couples in Ogden, Utah, face this same dilemma every day. They want a beautiful, memorable place to tie the knot without going broke in the process. We understand the challenge, the pinch, and the anxiety of hoping to stretch every penny but still longing for a magical day. That’s why we are here to offer a fresh, new perspective. 

What if we told you you could have the elegance you desire and the memories you crave in a venue that respects your budget? Yes, it’s possible! Discover the hidden gem of low cost wedding venues in Ogden, Utah. Let us help you make your dreams a reality, without the nightmare of unmanageable debt. Your fairytale wedding doesn’t have to come with a royal price tag.


1. The Grand View Reception & Event Center

Address: 339 E 2250 S St #103, Ogden          Phone: 801-882-1800

The Grand View is a breathtaking venue that has carved its place in the hearts of many for its impeccable service and stunning aesthetics. Exceptional coordination by Mitzi and Scott, the diligent owners, ensures seamless events, relieving stress from planning. The catering service offers delicious cuisine with commendable value, while the generous parking space adds to the venue’s practical appeal. Despite minor communication hitches, the Grand View remains an excellent choice for hosting events with its beautiful windows, brick walls, and memorable experiences.


  1. Venue Rental: Offers a beautiful, spacious venue with natural light, suitable for weddings and other events.
  2. Event Planning: Assists with organizing and coordinating the Event to ensure it runs smoothly.
  3. Catering: Provides a variety of delicious food and drink options.
  4. Decoration Services: Offers a selection of decorations for use, setup, and takedown services.
  5. Hosting and Music: Facilitates a lively atmosphere with professional hosting and music services.


2. Copper Nickel Events

Address: 2450 Grant Ave, Ogden          Phone: 801-668-9518

Copper Nickel Events in Ogden stands out for its unique aesthetic and welcoming ambiance, providing a historic venue for various events at reasonable prices. Its major strength lies in its flexibility, allowing clients to use their vendors, and its affordability compared to local competitors. Despite occasional hitches in communication and some pricey add-ons, the venue delivers excellent value. The knowledgeable staff and the venue’s stunning spaces receive high praise. A few challenges aside, the Copper Nickel has strong recommendations, making it a great choice for memorable events.


  1. Wedding Venue: They provide a beautiful and flexible space that can be customized to fit the couple’s vision for their wedding. The space can be used for both the ceremony and the reception.
  2. Event Space Rental: The venue is available for various events, including dances, business conferences, celebrations of life, and more.
  3. Vendor Flexibility: They allow clients to bring in their vendors, which offers a lot of customization possibilities for their Event.
  4. Event Staff Support: They have helpful and friendly staff who go above and beyond to ensure that events run smoothly. They assist with the setup, maintenance, and cleanup of the Event.
  5. Kitchen Facilities: They offer kitchen facilities with plenty of fridge/freezer space, which can be very useful for event caterers or self-catered events.


3. Lomond View Gardens Reception Center

Address: 304 W Pleasant View Dr, Pleasant View          Phone: 801-458-4327

As a charming and serene venue, Lomond View Gardens is widely appreciated for hosting various events including weddings and corporate gatherings. Clients laud the affordable pricing, the diligent staff, including Christi and McKenzie, and the spectacular aesthetics of its indoor and outdoor spaces. Even though it lacks a sound system and has a no-alcohol policy, the venue’s overall beauty and the staff’s unwavering commitment to service more than compensate. Away from bustling roads and residential areas, this venue also offers an Event Coordinator’s services, making it an excellent choice for any memorable celebration.

  1. Wedding Venue: Offers a beautiful location for weddings and receptions.
  2. Event Assistance: Provides on-site staff for event support.
  3. Outdoor Space: Features an appealing outdoor area for events.
  4. Indoor Hall: Offers an air-conditioned indoor venue for events.
  5. Nursery: Sells a wide range of plants as a functioning nursery.
  6. Furniture Provision: Provides event furniture, excluding some decorative items.
  7. Parking: Offers ample space for guest parking.


4. Bellington Manor

Address: 1029 25th St, Ogden          Phone: 801395-2355

Bellington is a charming, historic venue with a vibrant ambiance and outstanding service. Notably, it’s perfect for intimate events due to its optimal capacity of about 75 for ceremonies and 50 for receptions. Despite some logistical challenges with parking and organization, the venue impresses visitors with its beautiful homes, meticulously maintained grounds, and facilities. It offers various planning services, day rentals, and commendable food offerings at reasonable prices, making it a worthwhile venue for memorable celebrations.


  1. Wedding Services: This is the primary offering. The venue hosts wedding ceremonies and receptions, providing both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  2. Event Catering: Several reviews mention the food, suggesting the venue offers catering services for events held there.
  3. Event Planning: Some reviewers refer to the organization of events, implying that the venue may offer event planning or coordination services.
  4. Venue Rental: Aside from weddings, the variety of events mentioned suggests that the venue may be available to rent for various functions, such as parties or corporate events.
  5. Art Displays: One reviewer mentioned the “beautiful art,” indicating the venue might provide art exhibitions or serve as a gallery space.


5. The Monarch Venues

Address: 455 25th St Suite 301          Phone: 801-893-6605

The Monarch, a versatile event venue, shines in the spotlight for its outstanding offerings. From weddings to corporate gatherings, its exceptional blend of catering services, professional staff, and engaging atmosphere has left a lasting impression on all attendees. Even photographers rave about its excellent lighting and diverse backdrop. While minor parking issues have been noted, its staff’s dedication to creating seamless and memorable experiences counterbalances this. Given its delightful fusion of rustic and modern aesthetics, The Monarch receives high recommendations as a venue of unique charm and value.


  1. Wedding Planning Services: They provide comprehensive planning services, including space for the ceremony and reception.
  2. Corporate Event Hosting: They cater to corporate clients by hosting events such as Christmas parties and conferences.
  3. Catering Services: They offer on-site catering services for all types of events.
  4. Event Space Rental: They offer rental of their venue for various occasions including bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday parties.
  5. Professional Photography Services: They offer excellent lighting and backdrop options for photographers, making it an ideal location for photo shoots.


6. Jeremiah’s Lodge and Garden

Address: 1329 W 12th St, Ogden          Phone: 801-394-0222

Jeremiah’s Lodge and Garden, conveniently near I-15 and downtown Ogden, stands out as a splendid venue for varied events. This locale is a favorite for wedding receptions for its unique indoor-outdoor facilities and appealing design. Its beautiful, blossoming gardens offer an ideal backdrop for memorable photos. With Stephanie, the dedicated event coordinator, every detail is meticulously handled, guaranteeing smooth operations. The Lodge offers delightful dining experiences, adhering to health guidelines without compromising the warm atmosphere. While the gardens are still developing, they’ve already been recognized for their charm. Despite occasional criticisms concerning flexibility, Jeremiah’s Lodge and Garden continues to receive high praise as a go-to spot for significant events.


  1. Event Planning: The Lodge provides a professional event coordinator, Stephanie, who ensures all details are meticulously managed, and events run smoothly.
  2. Indoor-Outdoor Venue: Jeremiah’s Lodge and Garden offers an elegant indoor-outdoor space, adaptable to various event types, from weddings to family reunions.
  3. Dining Services: The Lodge offers an excellent dining experience, known for quality food, suitable for events or regular dining.
  4. Garden Space: Beautiful, burgeoning gardens serve as a fantastic backdrop for events, offering an enchanting setting for guests to explore.
  5. Multimedia Support: The venue is modernly equipped to support multimedia presentations, making it ideal for corporate events or parties requiring technical setups.


7. The Madison Venue

Address: 298 24th St Suite 250, Ogden          Phone: 801-441-2211

The Madison, in downtown Ogden, is a superb historic venue perfect for intimate gatherings. The venue has earned acclaim for its striking architecture, which includes marble walls and sparkling chandeliers, offering an array of photo opportunities. New management has reinvigorated the venue, drawing particular praise for their particular service. Notable staff members, Cornel and Skyli, have been celebrated for their adaptability and keen attention to detail. However, potential patrons should note the venue’s capacity, which is more suited to smaller, cozier events rather than larger gatherings. The Madison represents a blend of old-world charm and modern event management that leaves guests with an indelible impression, confirming its stature as a top-tier choice for memorable events in Ogden.


  1. Bespoke Wedding Planning: Madison offers personalized wedding planning services. The dedicated team guides you through every stage, ensuring your dream wedding is flawlessly executed.
  2. Versatile Event Space: The Madison provides rental of its historic, elegant venue. The unique setting is adaptable to host various events, including weddings, business meetings, and luncheons.
  3. Catering Coordination: While not explicitly stated, The Madison likely collaborates with esteemed catering services, curating menus that cater to diverse culinary tastes and dietary requirements, enhancing your event experience.
  4. Event Transformation: The team at The Madison excels in efficient setup and breakdown of events, transitioning seamlessly between event stages, such as moving from a wedding ceremony to the reception, ensuring a smooth flow of proceedings.
  5. Stunning Photographic Backdrops: Madison’s magnificent architecture, featuring marble walls and beautiful chandeliers, offers a myriad of enchanting backdrops for photography, capturing the essence of your Event most exquisitely.


8.The 5th Floor

Address: 2411 Kiesel Ave STE 502, Ogden          Phone: 801-252-5366

The 5th Floor, nestled atop the historic Lotus Building in Ogden, offers a charming loft-style setting perfect for grand and intimate events. Guests laud the venue’s design, which marries industrial and modern aesthetics alongside excellent value for money with clear pricing and inclusive decor packages. The professional staff has been praised for their adaptability and commitment to ensuring events run smoothly. A few minor drawbacks include the venue’s capacity (best suited for parties of 60 or less), structural inconveniences, and parking issues. Despite these, the consensus is that The 5th Floor is a superb venue choice with a unique ambiance, incredible lighting, and stunning views of the cityscape and mountains. It is exceptional service and historical charm make it a highly recommended spot for various events.


  1. Venue Rental: They offer a unique, loft-style venue for various events, including weddings, receptions, and corporate parties.
  2. Event Planning: They assist in event planning, accommodating various event requirements, and offering solutions to hiccups.
  3. Catering Assistance: Although catering is external, they can coordinate with caterers.
  4. Customization: The staff seems capable and willing to adapt to last-minute changes and needs, like providing extra tables or equipment.
  5. All-Inclusive Staff: The staff helps ensure the event’s timing and flow are executed as planned.


9. White House of Ogden

Address: 1190 E 5425 S, Ogden            Phone: 801-444-2026

This venue stands out for its value and comprehensive offerings, including tables and chairs, at an affordable rate. Cleanliness is a high point and the staff is notably helpful. However, be aware of some reported hiccups. Occasionally, a faulty air conditioning system has led to uncomfortably hot events, and promises about certain amenities have fallen through. Unmoved military vehicles and issues with the prompt return of deposits are among these. While it’s generally a fantastic choice for large-scale events, I’d advise future patrons to be prepared for these mishaps. Despite these shortcomings, the overall benefits make it worth considering. In short, it’s a great venue offering excellent bang for your buck, but remember to stay vigilant about service delivery.


  1. Venue rental for large events such as weddings and parties, with a capacity of over 300 guests.
  2. Affordable pricing compared to other comparable event spaces.
  3. The provision of essential amenities like tables and chairs included in the rental price.
  4. A clean, well-maintained space for events.
  5. Assistance from helpful staff members during the Event.
  6. Potential for the return of the deposit on the event night.


10. Liberty Hall Venue

Address: 3677 N 2000 W, Ogden          Phone: 801-941-1318

As a wedding venue, this historic establishment shines with a warm, cozy ambiance that has made a lasting impression on many guests. It caters to all event needs, featuring a well-equipped kitchen for food prep and service, a professional sound system, and a large video projector for personalized slideshows. The accommodating staff comfortably handles events, from intimate weddings to larger gatherings of around 100 guests. The charm of American heritage is evident in the statues and pictures, adding a unique touch of patriotism. Clean, spacious, and well-maintained facilities, including extra amenities like bathrooms and a DJ room, make it an outstanding venue choice. It’s a place you’d want to return to for your events, a testament to its exceptional service and ambiance.


  1. Event hosting: The venue offers services for various events, including weddings, dinners, receptions, and other gatherings.
  2. Accommodations: The establishment can host events for nearly 100 guests with round tables, providing ample space for guests and kitchen staff.
  3. Catering facilities: A well-equipped kitchen is available for preparing food and serving refreshments.
  4. Audio-Visual equipment: The venue provides a professional sound system and a large video projector for presentations or slideshows.
  5. Aesthetically pleasing decor: The venue boasts historical themes and lovely decorations that add to the ambiance of the events.
  6. Comfort facilities: It offers clean, spacious facilities including bathrooms and a DJ room for the convenience of guests and event organizers.



Finding the perfect wedding venue in Ogden, Utah, doesn’t have to break the bank. A magical day doesn’t need to equate to astronomical costs. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, but the memories you make and the love you celebrate. Our beloved city’s enchanting, affordable venues offer couples like you a chance to celebrate one of the most memorable days of your lives without plunging into debt. After all, starting a new life together should be about joy, love, and connection, not financial stress. Your dream wedding doesn’t need to come with a nightmare price. Celebrate love, celebrate togetherness, celebrate affordability. Welcome to the joyous journey of an unforgettable yet low-cost wedding in Ogden, Utah. Because here, your love story and your budget are both honored.