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8 Low Cost Wedding Venue St George, Utah

Low Cost Wedding Venue St George

Feel your perfect wedding day, the sun setting over the red mesas, your loved ones gathered in joy, and the breathtaking backdrop of St. George, Utah, enhancing every precious moment. It all comes together without breaking the bank. The reality of escalating wedding costs can often overshadow the shared joy and anticipation of this once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s a genuine problem – budget constraints dictating the dream. But what if there was a solution, a locale that combines ethereal beauty with affordability? What if you could say ‘I do’ amidst the grandeur of St. George without draining your savings? Yes, you’ve read it right. Low cost wedding venue in St George, Utah, are not just a figment of your imagination but a real, achievable dream. Let us guide you toward making your fairytale wedding an affordable reality.

Here are all 10 most low cost wedding venues in St George, Utah, described below, along with the services they provide and necessary information.

1. Poppy Lane Events

 Website:          Phone: 435-414-0365 

Renowned event planners, Ally and Kristin of Poppy Lane, are lauded for their expertise, flexibility, and meticulous attention to detail. These maestros seamlessly transform vague ideas into spectacular reality, deftly navigating challenges such as budget constraints or inclement weather. Beyond their creative prowess, Ally and Kristin excel in building genuine, heartfelt connections with their clients. They extend their skills beyond weddings, making any event memorable with a distinctive aesthetic. Their professionalism, adaptability, and dedication to realizing the client’s vision make them standout performers in the world of event planning. Ally and Kristin are truly the gold standard in delivering an unforgettable experience.

Venue Services

  1. Wedding Planning: This includes overall coordination, management of vendors, and ensuring that every little detail is perfect. This service also extends to destination weddings, helping couples navigate planning challenges from afar.
  2. Day-of Coordination: Poppy Lane handles the day-to-day tasks during the wedding day, ensuring everything runs smoothly and according to plan. 
  3. Budget Management: They work diligently to create memorable experiences while keeping within the client’s budget. 
  4. Design & Decor: Their creative acumen extends to design and decor, and they are especially praised for their work with flowers.
  5. Vendor Recommendations & Management: Poppy Lane has built relationships with local vendors and can provide trusted recommendations.


2. The Ledges Weddings & Events

Address: 1585 W Ledges Pkwy, St. George          Phone: 435-634-4651

The Ledges is a distinctive wedding venue in St. George, renowned for its breathtaking red rock cliffs and golf course. The well-designed clubhouse with panoramic windows hosts up to 150 guests, offering captivating views of Snow Canyon. The catering team, led by Lydia, provides excellent service and mouthwatering cuisine. Despite occasional issues with communication and food quality caused by event delays, the staff’s professionalism is praiseworthy. Some views may be obstructed by surrounding properties, but overall, The Ledges maintains its appeal. While there is room for improvement, The Ledges is widely celebrated for its remarkable facilities and unforgettable experiences it provides to couples on their special day.

Services and Vanue Highlights

Venue Services:

  1. A unique wedding venue with stunning landscapes.
  2. Clubhouse with floor-to-ceiling windows, a large stone fireplace, and a custom chandelier.
  3. An indoor banquet space with gorgeous views.
  4. Spacious dining room and outdoor patio, adjustable according to event needs.
  5. Accommodation for up to 150 guests, with an option for a dance floor.

Event Services:

  1. Comprehensive wedding services, including the ceremony, reception, bridal shower, welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, and wedding brunch.
  2. Event coordination services.
  3. Facilities for other events, such as volunteer award luncheons.

Catering Services:

  1. Menu planning and catering.
  2. In-house chef providing delicious meals.
  3. Options for buffet service, customized menus, and hors d’oeuvres.

Other Services:

  1. Bar service observing all Utah State liquor laws.
  2. Villas are available for guests to stay.
  3. Compliance with all applicable sales taxes and service charges.
  4. Golf course for added recreational activities.


3. Hela Seegmiller Historic Farm

Address: 2592 S 3000 E, St. George          Phone: 435-627-4530

The Hela Seegmiller Historical Farm provides a charming setting for various events like weddings, picnics, and family reunions. Set on the generous land gifted by the Seegmiller family, the farm showcases a captivating barn, diverse farm animals, and vintage equipment. It’s a children’s delight and an excellent spot for birding. Visitors commend the well-maintained and clean surroundings. However, some guests noted room for improvement in staff communication. The rustic farm setting offers an enchanting backdrop for photography. Entry is free, and no reservations are typically needed, which adds to the appeal. Despite minor issues, the farm’s serene and picturesque environment outweighs them, making it a compelling visit for anyone seeking a tranquil experience steeped in history.

Venue Services

  1. Event Hosting: The farm is a popular venue for weddings, receptions, family reunions, and parties.
  2. Picnic Facilities: A barn that can accommodate 134 people and 19 picnic tables offers ample space for a picnic outing.
  3. Photography Location: Given its picturesque setting, the farm is a popular spot for photography.
  4. Leisure Activities: The farm provides a relaxing environment for walking, sitting, and enjoying the peaceful rural setting.


4. St. George/Zion Wedding Officiant

For online appointments make a call at:   Phone: 435-669-9133

Mikey stands out as an exceptionally dedicated and talented wedding officiant, making each ceremony personalized and memorable. His keen attention to detail and unique approach to getting to know couples ensures he can weave their stories into a captivating narrative, balancing the right mix of humor and emotion. He’s well-praised for his flexibility, professionalism, and his genuine investment in each ceremony he leads. His light-hearted and personable style leaves both the couple and guests deeply engaged and touched. Whether it’s traditional weddings, vow renewals, or even last-minute changes, Mikey handles them with ease and grace, making each event remarkably special. His expertise even extends to virtual weddings, making him a versatile choice for any couple. With a reputation for exceeding expectations, Mikey undoubtedly comes highly recommended for those seeking an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Venue Services

  1. Personalized Wedding Ceremonies: Unique and personalized wedding ceremonies that reflect the couple’s story and preferences.
  2. Engaging and Humorous Presentations: Captivates guests with his perfect blend of humor and emotion, creating a light-hearted and entertaining atmosphere.
  3. Flexible and Adaptive: Effortlessly adjusts to last-minute changes and specific requests, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable ceremony.
  4. Virtual Wedding Officiant: Mikey specializes in virtual officiating weddings, delivering intimate and joyous experiences for couples celebrating remotely.
  5. Vow Renewals and Special Celebrations: Mikey extends his services to vow renewals and other special celebrations beyond weddings.


5. T|A Events

Address: 3573 Mulberry Dr, St. George            Phone: 435-275-5964

T | A Events exceeded our expectations with their clear top tent for our wedding reception. The tent provided an incredible backdrop of the red rocks, creating a picturesque setting for our special day. The lights and heaters added a cozy ambiance, making our guests feel comfortable and relaxed. The size of the main tent perfectly accommodated our 100 guests and allowed for a spacious dance floor. Abby and Tate from T | A Events were professional and responsive and went above and beyond to make our reception perfect. The clear tent, which was even more impressive in person than in pictures, allowed our guests to appreciate the stunning Zion landscape fully.

Venue Services

  1. Wedding & Ceremony: The venue is available for the wedding reception, birthday party, and other ceremony 
  2. Clear top tent rental: They provide a 30×60 framed clear top tent that adds elegance. 
  3. Variety of add-ons: They offer lighting arrangements, heaters, and decorative elements to create a customized atmosphere for weddings and events.
  4. Responsiveness: Their highly responsive team promptly addresses client inquiries and concerns.
  5. Exceptional service: T | A Events goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional service, resulting in positive reviews and satisfied customers.


6. Tambra Moultrie Weddings

Website:          Phone: +1 435-562-1811

Tambra Moultrie, an exceptional wedding planner with meticulous planning and a personalized approach, ensures every detail is taken care of, creating perfect wedding days. I appreciate her industry experience, deep understanding of the process, and ability to handle unexpected challenges effortlessly. Tambra’s exceptional customer service, pleasant demeanor, and genuine care for clients’ happiness make working with her a delightful experience. She goes beyond the main event, offering assistance with other wedding-related occasions. Tambra’s professionalism, expertise, and passion for creating unforgettable weddings earn high recommendations from clients who credit her as an integral part of their dream celebrations.

Venue Services

  1. Thorough and meticulous wedding planning, ensuring every detail is taken care of.
  2. Personalized approach, understanding each couple’s unique preferences and creating customized plans.
  3. Assistance with other wedding-related occasions, such as rehearsal dinners and pre-wedding events.
  4. Access to a network of top-notch vendors, ensuring high-quality services for clients.
  5. Continued support even after the wedding, demonstrating unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.


7. Cristina Benitez-Bosley Wedding Officiant

For more information or appointment call at:  Phone: 435-525-1208

Cristina is an acclaimed bilingual wedding officiant known for her personalized, inclusive approach. She excels in offering custom ceremonies in both English and Spanish, catering to various religious beliefs, and supporting same-sex marriages. Notable for her adaptability, she easily handles advanced and last-minute bookings. Her suggestions, including tours and photographers, have earned high praise from couples. Cristina’s warm and caring persona resonates deeply, creating cherished memories. With utmost professionalism, she assists couples through every step, from license acquisition to vow creation. Cristina’s ability to infuse personal elements and language inclusivity into ceremonies has made her highly recommended, adding a unique touch to the special day.

Venue Services

  1. Customized Ceremonies: Offering personalized wedding ceremonies tailored to couples’ preferences.
  2. Bilingual Services: Conduct ceremonies in English and Spanish fluently.
  3. Diverse Beliefs: Accommodating various religious beliefs, including non-denominational Christian ceremonies.
  4. Inclusivity: Officiating same-sex weddings, demonstrating open-mindedness and acceptance.
  5. Flexibility: Accepting both advanced and last-minute wedding bookings.


8. TaylorMade Events

Website:          Phone: +1 435-703-5042

Taylor Made Events, established in 2017, specializes in providing professional and responsive event services. They have expanded from six handcrafted farmhouse tables to a diverse inventory of event rentals. Lauded for their wedding services, clients appreciate Taylor’s flexibility, flawless execution, and exceptional customer service. The company’s inventory, including tables and chairs, receives consistent praise for their quality and aesthetic appeal. Taylor’s understanding of nature and readiness to amend plans are highly valued by customers who frequently change them. Taylor Made Events distinguishes itself with affordable pricing, helpful setup services, and a dedication that earns high client recommendations for delivering excellent value.

  1. Event Rentals: Taylor Made Events offers various event rentals, including tables, chairs, arbors, and backdrops.
  2. Delivery & Pickup: They handle all logistics, including delivering and picking up all rented items.
  3. Setup Service: The company ensures the proper set up of all items according to the client’s needs.
  4. Flexible Planning: Taylor Made Events offers flexibility in planning, accommodating changes and amendments as required.
  5. Customer Support: Exceptional customer support exemplifies a client-centric approach to event planning.