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5 Low Cost Wedding Venues in Sandy Utah

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Low Cost Wedding Venues in Sandy Utah

Looking for a Low Cost Wedding Venues in Sandy Utah that matches your budget without sacrificing beauty or charm? You’re not alone. In today’s world, where the average wedding can cost a small fortune, it’s refreshing to know that budget-friendly options are not just an afterthought but a statement of your priorities. And let’s face it, the essence of a wedding is not in lavish displays but in the heartfelt union of two souls. That’s why low-cost venues often provide the most meaningful settings, focusing on love, family, and lifelong memories.

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In Sandy, you’ll find enchanting locations that offer character, warmth, and scenic backdrops worthy of your special day. They offer first-rate amenities, flexible arrangements, and an authentic Utah atmosphere. Ready to make your dream wedding a reality without breaking the bank? Let’s dive into Top 5 Low Cost Wedding Venues in Sandy Utah that deliver high value at a reasonable price point.


1. Crescent Hall Event Venue

Address: 11020 State St Suite A, Sandy, UT          Phone: +1 801-736-0262

Crescent Hall in Sandy, Utah, is an all-in-one venue that impresses on every level. Its historic architecture adds elegance, while the exposed brick and natural light provide a dreamy backdrop for any event. The staff is a highlight—knowledgeable, attentive, and committed to making your day flawless. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, or any milestone celebration, their comprehensive services have you covered.

This includes an array of in-house décor and rental options that make planning a breeze. They even offer staff training to ensure a smooth client experience. While the venue is already visually stunning, its range of services and sheer adaptability make it an unbeatable choice for events that matter. Highly recommended for unforgettable moments.



  1. Comprehensive Event Planning: Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or corporate event, the staff offers end-to-end planning services to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  2. Decor Rentals: The venue offers an in-house range of aesthetic choices, from linens to themed decorations, reducing the need to source these elements externally.
  3. Professional Staffing: Knowledgeable and attentive staff, including dedicated event hosts, are available to oversee all the details of your event, ensuring it runs seamlessly.
  4. Venue Customization: The space is highly adaptable, allowing for various seating arrangements and setup options to cater to the specific needs of your event.
  5. In-house Bartending and Catering Options: Crescent Hall offers a range of food and beverage services, including professional bartending, to complete the experience for you and your guests.


2. Le Jardin in Sandy, Utah

Address: 1910 Dimple Dell Rd, Sandy, UT     Phone: (801)-736-0262

Le Jardin in Sandy, Utah, offers an ethereal experience that couples, photographers, and guests highly recommend. Nestled near Salt Lake City with stunning views of the Wasatch mountains, its two inside buildings and courtyard space exude natural beauty and elegance. The venue is well-known for its staff’s professionalism and readiness to assist, making the planning and execution of any event seamless.

In terms of amenities, Le Jardin offers a variety of décor options without hidden extra fees, and they even recently upgraded their sound system. While some guests noted the humidity due to activated fountains and limited restroom facilities, the consensus is that the venue provides exceptional value.

It’s worth mentioning that the venue shares parking with Larkin Mortuary, but this doesn’t detract from its charm. Whether you’re looking to celebrate weddings or capture magical moments, Le Jardin promises an idyllic, low-stress environment for any special occasion.



  1. Versatile Event Spaces: They offer two indoor buildings and a gorgeous courtyard that can be rented as part of the package, providing both ceremony and reception flexibility.
  2. Decor Options: The venue offers a variety of decor choices, from linens to table settings, and even handles the decoration of tables for events.
  3. Sound System: Although some reviews indicate it’s not perfect, a sound system is available for events, allowing music and speeches to be heard clearly.
  4. Helpful and Friendly Staff: Multiple reviews praise the staff for their helpfulness, indicating that they are right there when needed and are quick to answer questions or offer assistance.
  5. Photography-friendly Setting: The beautiful natural surroundings, fountains, and well-maintained greenery make a picture-perfect backdrop ideal for wedding or event photography.


3. Cottage Charm Venue in Sandy

Address: 9318 S 700 E, Sandy, UT 84070            Phone: +1 801-209-1551

Cottage Charm is more than just a venue; it’s an experience that sweeps you off your feet when you step inside. This space defies all expectations by offering a blend of Old World enchantment and modern convenience. The interior is a dreamy mix of farmhouse charm, vintage elegance, and a dash of industrial chic. Event planning here is a walk in the park, thanks to plentiful parking and a pre-decorated setting that feels upscale and inviting. The team, led by the incredibly attentive Jodi, ensures that every detail is handled carefully, making your special day unforgettable.

The venue’s versatility shines, catering to weddings, receptions, baby showers, and more. A minor hiccup: it can get warm during crowded events, so plan accordingly. Cottage Charm offers a unique, stress-free, and utterly charming backdrop for any occasion.



  1. Event Venue with Rustic Charm: Cottage Charm is described as a venue that takes guests back to a simpler time with a combination of farmhouse and vintage aesthetics. This makes it ideal for weddings, baby showers, and receptions.
  2. Fully Decorated Interior: The venue comes beautifully decorated, saving clients time and effort. The decor fits a rustic, vintage theme and includes elements like ambiance lighting.
  3. Ample Parking: Reviews mention that plenty of parking is available at the location, which is convenient for guests attending various events.
  4. Staff Support and Coordination: The venue’s staff, including the owner, Jodi, is highly praised for being helpful, responsive, and accommodating. They assist in planning and coordinating the events, ensuring things go smoothly.
  5. In-house Amenities: The venue has a well-lit bridal suite, sound system, and TV. It’s also climate-controlled, although some reviews mention it can get warm with lots of activity.
  6. Flexible for Various Events: In addition to weddings, the venue can also host other events like baby showers, receptions, and even book tour stops, providing the same level of charm and service across different types of gatherings.
  7. Ease of Access: The venue is described as easy to find, making it convenient for guests who may not be familiar with the area.
  8. Stress-Free Experience: Multiple reviews note how stress-free their experience was due to the venue’s pre-decorated setting and the staff’s willingness to assist in various tasks, from setting up frames to coordinating activities.
  9. Customization: Although the venue is already decorated, it allows small personal touches to be added by the clients, making each event unique.
  10. Variety in Size and Setting: The venue is flexible enough to host small, intimate gatherings of fewer than 15 people and more significant events with over a hundred attendees.


4. Twenty & Creek

Address: 2050 Creek Rd, Sandy, UT          Phone: +1 801-618-7142

Twenty & Creek is the gold standard for wedding venues in Salt Lake Valley. This women-led locale exudes elegance with its stunning gardens and exquisite interiors. Accessibility isn’t an afterthought here; wheelchair-friendly parking and entryways ensure everyone feels welcome. Staff support is top-notch, skilled in transforming the space to fit any theme, although significant events might need extra audio gear.

But it’s not just weddings—this venue adapts effortlessly for school galas, baby showers, you name it. The natural lighting is a photographer’s dream, accentuating the venue’s architectural nuances. Each team member, whether Claire or Lauren, is deeply committed to making your vision come to life. If you’re looking for an upscale, hassle-free event experience, Twenty & Creek should be at the top of your list.



  1. Versatile Event Spaces: With lush outdoor areas, mature gardens, and pristine interiors, the venue offers a variety of spaces that can be customized for different events, including weddings, galas, and baby showers.
  2. Dedicated Bridal and Groom Rooms: The venue features beautifully designed bride’s and groom’s rooms, providing a luxurious space for couples to prepare for their big day.
  3. Highly Skilled Staff and Coordinators: Numerous reviews praised the staff, mainly Lauren, Megan, and Lo, for their exceptional customer service, assistance with planning, and efficient communication.
  4. Accessibility Features: Twenty & Creek has wheelchair-accessible parking and entrances, making it an inclusive venue.
  5. Audio-Visual Amenities: While it wasn’t explicitly mentioned, one review did note that additional speakers might be needed for large groups. This suggests the venue offers a basic audio-visual setup suitable for speeches and live programs.
  6. Preferred Vendor Relationships: The venue seems to have a list of preferred vendors, making it easier for event planners to source quality services.
  7. Photography-Friendly: Multiple reviews from photographers praised the venue for its natural light and architecture, which provide a stunning backdrop for photographs.
  8. Community-Focused: The venue has successfully hosted community events like school galas, showcasing its versatility.


5. Aoki Event Garden

Address: 8694 Monroe St, Sandy, UT            Phone: +1 801-671-6921

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue, it’s not just about choosing a place that looks stunning. It’s about the complete experience. Nestled in the heart of Sandy, Utah, Aoki Event Garden is the epitome of such an experience. Owned by two local landscaping artists, Joi Aoki, and Rita Pacheco, with nearly 40 years of expertise, Aoki Event Garden is nothing short of an outdoor masterpiece. Imagine a venue that changes its beauty every season, providing the perfect backdrop to say, “I do.” Sounds like something out of a fairy tale?

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The event garden is designed to provide guests a serene, intimate setting surrounded by nature’s breathtaking beauty. We’re talking about stunning landscapes that make for Instagram-worthy wedding photos without additional decor or signs. In addition, Aoki Event Garden offers incredible amenities like spacious dance floors, pristine bathrooms, and unique staging areas that have been highly praised by brides and grooms alike.
You’re not just choosing a venue; you’re choosing an experience where you’re treated like family.

At Aoki Event Garden, you’re not just another booking; you’re a friend they’re thrilled to celebrate with. So, if you’re looking for low-cost wedding venues in Sandy, Utah, offering a high-value experience, Aoki Event Garden is a hidden gem worth exploring.



  1. Wedding Venue: Aoki Event Garden offers a beautiful outdoor setting for weddings, with unique flowers, staging areas, separate spaces to get ready, and a great spot for dancing.
  2. Event Planning Support: Rita and Joi are there to help every step of the way, from answering questions to figuring out the logistics of your event.
  3. Intimate Gatherings: Aoki Event Garden is designed as a private gathering space, an art form suitable for small parties or significant events.
  4. Corporate Events: The venue can be used for various corporate gatherings, providing facilities like food preparation areas and a beautiful event backdrop.
  5. Family Events: They also host family-friendly events like kids’ fairs, with various activities and enough space for everyone.
  6. Artistic Events: Rita and Joi have been featured artists and use their creative experience to design the garden as a unique and ever-changing landscape.
  7. Clean Amenities: The venue provides clean bathrooms that are well-maintained and additional amenities like misters for hot days.
  8. Attention to Detail: Rita and Joi are highly responsive and attentive hosts who make sure everything runs smoothly during the events.
  9. Customized Services: They offer flexibility and work with customers to meet budget constraints, providing services tailored to individual needs.
  10. Versatility: The venue is versatile enough to host various events, from romantic weddings to fun fairs to professional corporate parties.

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