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4 Cheap Wedding Venues in South Jordan, Utah

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Cheap Wedding Venues in South Jordan

Discover the charm and Cheap Wedding Venues in South Jordan, Utah, where your dream wedding doesn’t have to come with a steep price tag. Nestled in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley, South Jordan offers a unique blend of scenic beauty and urban convenience, making it a hidden gem for couples looking for budget-friendly wedding venues. Imagine exchanging vows against a backdrop of the majestic Oquirrh Mountains or alongside the serene waters of the Jordan River.

With the average wedding cost in the U.S. soaring, South Jordan stands out with options that average 30% less than national figures, offering savings without compromising style or quality. Embrace the opportunity to create a memorable celebration that reflects your love story, surrounded by the natural beauty and welcoming community of South Jordan. Your perfect day awaits in this charming Utah city, where affordability meets elegance.


1. Magnolia Grove Reception Center

Address: 1117 S Jordan Pkwy, South Jordan, UT          Phone: +1 801-254-8848

Magnolia Grove Reception Center emerges as a cherished venue for various events, particularly weddings, with its enchanting gardens and classy interior consistently earning accolades. The venue’s standout feature is its beautiful setting, which provides a picturesque backdrop for photographs and ceremonies. The commendable efforts of the management and staff, especially in regard to food quality and attentive service, contribute significantly to the venue’s appeal.

However, it’s important to note some areas of concern, such as audio issues during outdoor events and occasional lapses in customer service, which have slightly marred the overall experience for a few guests. Despite these occasional setbacks, most clients appreciate the comprehensive service packages and the stress-free planning process facilitated by the venue’s team. Magnolia Grove’s blend of aesthetic appeal, quality service, and overall value make it a favored choice for those seeking a memorable and hassle-free event experience.


  1. Picturesque Venue Setting: Magnolia Grove offers stunning gardens and an elegant interior, perfect for photography and creating a beautiful ambiance for any event.
  2. High-Quality Catering: The venue is renowned for its delicious food, offering various menu options that cater to diverse tastes.
  3. Comprehensive Event Packages: They provide all-inclusive packages covering essential aspects of event planning, reducing client stress.
  4. Attentive and Professional Staff: The management and staff at Magnolia Grove are known for their attentive service, ensuring events run smoothly.
  5. Spacious Facilities: With ample indoor and outdoor space, the venue can comfortably accommodate many guests, making it ideal for significant events.


2. The View Event Venue

Address: 11649 4000 W Unit 310, South Jordan, UT           Phone: +1 801-888-8439

The View Event Venue is an exemplary choice for hosting various events, from intimate gatherings to grand wedding receptions. The venue’s striking feature is its panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and cityscape, adding a touch of natural beauty and elegance to every occasion. The staff, particularly noted for their professionalism and helpfulness, play a pivotal role in ensuring each event runs smoothly. Their ability to tailor the space to individual preferences and provide timely, effective communication is consistently praised.

The venue’s versatility is a significant advantage, effortlessly accommodating different event styles and sizes. Additionally, recent improvements in parking facilities have enhanced the overall convenience for guests. The top-notch sound system and the flexibility to personalize events make The View attractive for those seeking a memorable and well-organized event setting. Its scenic beauty, professional service, and functional design make it a highly recommended venue.


  1. Professional Event Coordination: The venue is noted for its exceptional staff, particularly its professionalism, helpfulness, and practical communication skills, ensuring each event is organized smoothly.
  2. Versatile Space Customization: The View offers the flexibility to personalize the event space according to individual preferences and event themes, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions.
  3. Stunning Scenic Views: One of the venue’s most celebrated features is its breathtaking panoramic views of mountains and cityscapes, adding a unique and elegant backdrop to events.
  4. Improved Parking Facilities: Recent upgrades have been made to the parking facilities, enhancing accessibility and convenience for guests.
  5. High-Quality Sound System: The venue is equipped with a top-notch sound system, enhancing the overall experience of events, whether it’s for music, speeches, or presentations.


3. The Azalea Event Venue

Address: 11277 S Kestrel Rise Rd Suite B & C, South Jordan, UT          Phone: +1 435-253-7210

The Azalea is a distinguished venue for hosting various events, particularly weddings. This location is celebrated for its beautiful aesthetics, featuring excellent natural lighting and a warm, inviting ambiance. The venue’s staff receives high praise for their responsiveness and helpfulness, ensuring events run smoothly and guests feel well cared for. A notable advantage is the availability of decorative options, reducing the hassle for hosts regarding setup.

While some mention the sound system’s volume and noise insulation needing improvement, these points are relatively close to the overall positive experience. The Azalea also offers ample parking, adding to the convenience for attendees. Its versatility in accommodating different events, from intimate gatherings to more significant celebrations, makes it a highly recommended choice for those seeking a memorable, well-supported event experience.


  1. Event Space Rental: The Azalea offers versatile spaces for various events, including weddings, baby showers, and private parties.
  2. Decorative Options: A selection of decor is available for rent, providing convenience and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of events.
  3. Responsive and Helpful Staff: The venue is known for accommodating and attentive staff, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience for hosts and guests.
  4. Ample Parking: The venue offers substantial parking space, which significantly increases attendees’ convenience.
  5. Natural Lighting and Ambiance: The Azalea is praised for its excellent natural lighting and warm ambiance, making it ideal for photography and creating a comfortable atmosphere.


4. Awaken Event Center

Address: 322 11000 S, South Jordan, UT          Phone: +1 385-346-1549

This venue stands out for its versatile and aesthetically pleasing environment, ideal for various events from weddings to corporate gatherings. Its modern design, spacious rooms, and breathtaking valley views from the 3rd level terrace are often highlighted. The venue’s ability to host different events, including church services, underscores its adaptability and broad appeal.

However, it has its shortcomings. Maintenance issues have been mentioned, like the need for fresher decor and more attentive upkeep, which can detract from the experience. Additionally, customer service has received mixed reviews, with some pointing out delays in communication and instances of perceived unprofessionalism. These aspects, particularly during significant events, can impact overall satisfaction.

While the venue has much to offer, these insights suggest improving customer service and regular maintenance to maximize its potential and ensure a consistently outstanding guest experience.


  1. Wedding and Event Hosting: The venue is frequently chosen for weddings and other significant events, noted for its beautiful settings and accommodating spaces.
  2. Corporate Events and Retreats: It is well-suited for corporate gatherings and retreats, offering facilities that cater to business needs and team-building activities.
  3. Church Services: The venue hosts non-denominational church services, indicating its capability to cater to community and religious events.
  4. Event Planning Support: The staff is often commended for their helpfulness in event setup and coordination, aiding in personalizing events according to client preferences.
  5. Scenic Views and Modern Design: The venue is praised for its modern design and panoramic views, particularly from the 3rd level terrace, which adds a unique and memorable touch to events.



South Jordan, Utah, presents a delightful array of affordable wedding venues catering to various tastes and preferences. From the rustic charm of local barns, the elegance of banquet halls, and the natural beauty of outdoor settings, each venue offers unique appeal. These options provide beautiful backdrops for your special day and align with budget-conscious planning, proving that a dream wedding doesn’t have to break the bank.

South Jordan is a testament to the fact that affordability and elegance can go hand in hand. Couples can relish in the joy of their wedding day, surrounded by stunning landscapes and a supportive community, without the stress of excessive costs. As you embark on the journey of planning your wedding, consider the charm and affordability of South Jordan, where your dream day can become a beautiful reality.


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