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Top 5 Wedding Venues in Layton, Utah

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Wedding Venues in Layton, Utah

Finding the ideal wedding venue in Layton, Utah, is a blend of romance and practicality. Each couple desires a place that not only captures their love story but also addresses real-world needs like budget and guest accommodation. Layton offers a variety of venues, each with its unique charm and facilities, ensuring your special day is both beautiful and smoothly run. Our curated list of the top 5 Wedding Venues in Layton, Utah emphasizes elegance, convenience, and that special touch, making your selection process easier and more enjoyable.

These venues are carefully chosen for their exceptional service, stunning settings, and their ability to turn your wedding day into a cherished, everlasting memory. Let’s explore these gems in Layton, where your dream wedding awaits.


1. Oak Hills Reception and Event Center

Address: 2621 Oak Hills Dr, Layton, UT          Phone: +1 801-548-1124

Oak Hills Venue shines as an exemplary choice for wedding celebrations, consistently earning high praise for its seamless coordination and top-notch service. The venue’s standout feature is its all-inclusive approach, providing everything from stunning décor to exquisite Catering, significantly easing the wedding planning process for couples. The day-of coordinator, notably Marshall, receives accolades for ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience, allowing teams to immerse in their special day fully. 

Although there was a rare mention of minor issues, such as a missed song request, these instances are few and far between in an otherwise spotless track record. The venue’s ability to cater to personalized details, combined with professional and attentive staff, guarantees a magical and memorable event. With its comprehensive services and commitment to quality, Oak Hills Venue is highly recommended for those seeking a dream wedding experience.



  1. Comprehensive planning services covering every aspect of the wedding, from venue decoration to food and cake
  2. Professional Day-of Coordination
  3. Create visually stunning setups, transforming spaces into picturesque settings that align with the couple’s vision.
  4. The staff are professional and attentive.
  5. Birthday party planning and Catering Services
  6. School events, Special Events, and Birthday Celebration
  7. Family Reunion and In-House Catering


2. Hideaway on Angel

Address: 897 S Angel St, Layton, UT          Phone: +1 801-498-0099

The Hideaway on Angel stands out as a captivating event venue renowned for its rustic elegance and modern facilities. It features a well-designed interior with a dedicated dance floor and ample space for special features like photo booths and dynamic fireworks displays. The venue’s exterior charms with a cosy sitting area, a playful hidden playground, and versatile spaces for food trucks and outdoor bars, creating a memorable atmosphere for guests. The venue’s thoughtful layout, separating guest tables from the dance floor, ensures a smooth event flow, which is particularly appreciated in wedding setups.

Management’s professionalism and responsiveness further enhance the planning experience, making it a breeze for hosts. The blend of enchanting indoor decorations and picturesque outdoor settings provides a perfect backdrop for various events. While mainly receiving glowing recommendations for its ambiance and value, it’s important to note that a few guests have had less-than-perfect experiences. Overall, The Hideaway on Angel is a top choice for those seeking a charming, versatile venue for their special occasions.



  1. Reunions, Company Parties, and more!
  2. Peaceful atmosphere for family and friends to gather, reflect, and remember
  3. The perfect romantic, intimate, and private space for your wedding ceremony and celebration
  4. Highly responsive and professional venue management team
  5. Provides exquisite interior decorations and ambient lighting
  6. Unique features like photo booths and fireworks displays add excitement and uniqueness to events.
  7. Thoughtfully designed with separate areas for guest tables and dance floors.


3. Chantilly Mansion

Address170 N Main St, Layton, UT            

Chantilly Mansion stands out as an enchanting choice for those seeking a fairytale wedding experience. Its charm is accentuated by authentic, beautifully designed rooms and stunning landscaping, perfect for capturing timeless photographs. Notably, the venue adapts effortlessly to varying preferences, offering both indoor and outdoor settings that cater to different themes and activities. W

hile most experiences here are positively memorable, highlighted by attentive staff and unique features like a ceremonial bell-ringing, some guests have noted areas for improvement in pricing transparency and staff interaction. Despite these occasional concerns, Chantilly Mansion’s overall ambience, combined with its commitment to hosting memorable events, makes it a venue that frequently delights and leaves lasting impressions on its visitors.


  1. Cloth and linens rental
  2. Religious wedding planning
  3. Wedding budgeting and florist services
  4. Floral Arrangements
  5. Outdoor Ceremony and Planning Services
  6. Seminars, Wedding Plans, and Wedding Rental
  7. Offers versatile spaces for both indoor and outdoor weddings
  8. The venue provides experienced staff, including a dedicated host and an in-house wedding planner.


4. The Grand Victorian

Address: 2767 W Gentile St, Layton, UT          Phone: +1 385-333-1235

The Grand Victorian, a highly praised venue in Utah, is renowned for its perfect blend of elegance and efficiency, making it a dream destination for weddings and other events. Its picturesque garden and spacious indoor areas cater to diverse preferences, while the historic charm adds a unique allure. The staff’s professionalism and attentiveness ensure every event runs smoothly, from intimate ceremonies to large-scale receptions. Noteworthy are the comprehensive amenities like decor, sound systems, and comfortable spaces for both the bridal party and guests.

This venue stands out for its flexibility, effortlessly adapting to Utah’s unpredictable weather, and providing a seamless experience. Whether it’s a traditional wedding, a fun murder mystery dinner, or a family gathering, The Grand Victorian offers a beautiful setting, top-notch service, and a memorable experience, making it a top choice for those seeking a stress-free, enchanting event.



  1. On-site accommodations for up to 150 guests at a time.
  2. On-site day-of event coordinator.
  3. Full-day price will be $3500 to $4000 and for half-day, between $2500-$3000
  4. The Grand Victorian offers both stunning outdoor gardens and ample indoor space.
  5. Professional and Attentive Staff
  6. Guests have access to a wide variety of decor options and essential equipment
  7. Flexible Planning and Coordination


5. Rev19 Wedding Venue

Rev19 is a standout venue acclaimed for its splendid ambiance and top-notch sound system, making it a favourite for various events. The owners, Roland and Mercy, are particularly lauded for their attentiveness and expertise, ensuring every occasion, from vibrant birthday parties to heartfelt memorials, is a resounding success.

The venue’s adaptability is a highlight, equipped for live music, visual presentations, and even social media broadcasts. While praised for its cleanliness and organization, some guests suggest a need for softer sound levels and minor enhancements in facilities like restrooms. Nonetheless, Rev19’s personalized approach, coupled with its high-quality setup, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking an intimate, well-managed space for their special occasions.


  1. The venue is equipped to host a wide range of events, including weddings, birthday parties, memorial services, and more
  2. They are catering to diverse needs and occasions.
  3. State-of-the-art sound system, ideal for live music
  4. Personalized Event Management
  5. The venue is praised for its beautiful decor and sophisticated setup
  6. Flexible Multimedia Capabilities


Final Thoughts

These 5 Wedding Venues in Layton includes 1-Oak Hills, 2-Hideaway on Angel, 3-Chantilly Mansion, 4-The Grand Victorian, and 5-Rev19 Layton are best wedding venues for those who making their wedding dream. If you have any suggestion related to any venue feel free to update us by visiting Contact Us page.