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10 Low Cost Wedding Venues Salt Lake City, Utah

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Low Cost Wedding Venues Salt Lake City

Almost 100+ wedding venues registered in Salt Lake City, Utah, but from them, I just srt out Top Low Cost Wedding venues Salt Lake City according to personal reviews and public reviews. Imagine weaving your love story amid the enchanting Salt Lake City skyline, without leaving your wallet empty. Finding an affordable wedding venue in Salt Lake City, Utah is often seen as a daunting challenge, especially when you’re grappling with the stress of planning your big day. The solution to this problem lies in uncovering the city’s hidden gems that blend affordability and elegance. Embrace the joy of your union, not the financial burden, by discovering a venue that’s equally rich in character and budget-friendly. Let’s turn this city of mountains into your mountain of memories.

Let’s begin! Below are the Low Cost Wedding Venues Salt Lake City sorted by our team according to the price and reviews.


1. Louland Falls

Address: Highway 80, Exit 131, Salt Lake City          Phone: 801-455-4989

Nestled amidst a stunning mountainous backdrop, Louland Falls shines as an extraordinary wedding venue. Owner Mark impresses as a dedicated host and an executive chef, crafting gourmet cuisine without compromising quality. This dedication extends to every staff member, ensuring each wedding becomes a seamless, stress-free, and memorable experience. The venue’s ability to accommodate individual needs and its natural beauty has earned it the reputation of a hidden gem. This one the most valuable and memorable as well as low cost wedding venue in Salt Lake City. Whether seeking an idyllic setting, delicious catering, or excellent service, Louland Falls consistently exceeds expectations, making it a premier choice for unforgettable weddings.


  1. Venue Provision: Beautiful mountainous setting, Indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, Pet-friendly policies, and Spaces for the bride and groom to get ready.
  2. Catering Services: Executive chef on-site, Gourmet menu options, Commitment to quality, and Tasting sessions during open houses
  3. Event Planning and Management: Professional and dedicated staff, Smooth handling of decorations, Accommodation of personal requests and needs
  4. Value for Money: Reasonable pricing for the venue and services


2. Memorial House

Address: 375 N Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City          Phone: 801-521-7969

Memorial House in Memory Grove is an outstanding venue that marries historic charm with stunning natural scenery, making it the perfect setting for memorable photographs. Their highly professional staff is known for their excellent problem-solving skills and quick responsiveness, offering an exceptional service experience. The venue celebrates diversity, providing a supportive environment for all couples. With unique features, like its captivating history and reasonable costs, it caters to a wide range of events. Their attention to detail and seamless management make every occasion successful, cementing its reputation as a valuable venue choice. For the booking and apponment, please visit official website.


  1. Event Management: Provides a venue for weddings, corporate parties, and intimate ceremonies.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion: Embraces diversity, welcoming all couples, including the LGBTQ+ community.
  3. Unique Features: Provides a historic, scenic venue perfect for memorable photographs.
  4. Cost-Effective: Offers high-quality services at a reasonable price, ensuring good value for money.


3. Carmelle Reception Center

Address: 4075 S Highland Dr, Salt Lake City          Phone: 801-278-7893

Carmelle Receptions, renowned for its inviting ambiance and dedicated staff, offers a memorable experience for special occasions. The aesthetics of the venue, accompanied by beautiful gardens, create an upscale atmosphere ideal for photographs and celebrations. Food quality is high, appreciated by numerous guests, and the pricing is reasonable, reflecting the venue’s value for money. While there have been minor concerns regarding service and communication, the management’s commitment to continuous improvement shines through in their responsive and accommodating approach. Despite certain limitations, such as a no outside catering policy, Carmelle Receptions is a remarkable venue, offering a memorable experience that leaves an indelible mark.

  1. Venue Provision: Carmelle’s versatile and elegant venue offers a sound system, entertainment devices, a guest registry table, and decor amenities, including linens and centerpieces.
  2. Customization: The venue supports personalization with the option to bring your decorations and aligning accessories like beverage napkins and easels.
  3. Catering: Carmelle provides a high-quality catering service with the option for client-provided caterers, complemented by proficient service staff and a $50 credit towards a wedding cake.
  4. Event Management: Professional wedding consultants and hostesses ensure the seamless execution of events.
  5. Photography Locations: Beautiful and picturesque spots in the venue provide excellent photo opportunities.


4. Eaglewood Event Center

Address: 1110 E Eaglewood Dr, North Salt Lake          Phone: 801-335-8693

Tucked in the picturesque hills of North Salt Lake, Eaglewood Event Center offers an ideal setting for various events. The center, upgraded in 2022, boasts a modern, elegant ambiance that impresses guests effortlessly. Renowned for its customizable decorations, diverse menu, and unparalleled service, Eaglewood ensures a flawless event experience. The center’s diligent team goes the extra mile, delivering comprehensive services, from setting up a dance floor to attentive assistance throughout the event. With an exceptional blend of beautiful vistas, reasonable pricing, and delicious catering, Eaglewood Event Center undeniably promises a memorable event experience.


  1. Event Venue: Eaglewood Event Center provides a modern and elegant venue suitable for various events, including weddings, receptions, meetings, and conventions.
  2. Customizable Decorations: The center offers customizable options for decorations that suit the theme and taste of their clients.
  3. Diverse Catering: Eaglewood presents a wide variety of menu options, catering to the diverse tastes of its guests.
  4. Comprehensive Services: The center ensures flawless event execution, providing comprehensive services such as setting up a dance floor.
  5. Event Planning and Management: The diligent team at Eaglewood provides professional assistance throughout the event, ensuring that all aspects run smoothly.


5. Arbat – Low Cost Wedding Venues Salt Lake City

Address: 3232 400 E #200, Salt Lake City          Phone: 801-467-5511

Arbat is a remarkable venue that hosts memorable events while providing a broad selection of imported goods from the Balkans. The vintage setting, ideal for weddings and receptions, provides an unforgettable experience. What sets Arbat apart is its dedicated team led by Armen, which ensures a seamless event with excellent organization. Besides offering a breathtaking ambiance, the culinary experience at Arbat is unparalleled, boasting delicious offerings from a range of Eastern European cuisines. Continual updates and improvements to the venue demonstrate Arbat’s commitment to excellence, making it a top choice for unforgettable events. For the booking and apponment, please visit official website.


  1. Event Hosting: Arbat hosts various events, including weddings, receptions, and other special occasions.
  2. Catering: Their customized Eastern European cuisine guarantees memorable culinary delights.
  3. Wedding Services: Arbat provides seamless wedding planning to craft the perfect special day.
  4. Venue Décor: Arbat offers an ideal setting for events with a vintage ambiance and modern amenities.
  5. Specialized Retail: Arbat provides a unique shopping experience with reasonably priced Balkan and Eastern European imports.


6. Aspen Landing Utah

Address: 6388 S Redwood Rd, Taylorsville          Phone: 801-966-1280

As an all-inclusive wedding venue, Aspen Landing shines for its commitment to exceptional service, evident in the meticulously arranged indoor and outdoor spaces. The team’s professionalism is noteworthy, assisting in creating truly personalized experiences. Their efficient coordination and readiness to go the extra mile make each event memorable. Moreover, the venue’s competitive pricing and simplified policy set it apart. Aspen Landing’s dedication to quality, value, and creating unforgettable moments sets a high standard in the event industry. For the booking and apponment, please visit official website.


  1. Event Planning: Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Birthday Party, Corporate and Conference, Party Planning, and Event Planner
  2. Venue Rental: Birthday Party, Company Party, Corporate Event, Family Reunion, and Outdoor Wedding Reception
  3. Wedding Services: Wedding Lighting Services, Ceremonies Only, and Ceremonies Wedding Reception
  4. Other Services: Bar Service, Cloth and Linens Rental, Class Reunions, and Corporate Gatherings


7. Millcreek Inn

Address: 5802 Mill Creek Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City          Phone: 801-278-7927

Millcreek Inn, a serene wedding venue nestled in a shaded canyon, boasts natural beauty and a dedicated team that ensures a flawless celebration. The coordinators’ expertise shines in managing ceremonies and schedules, while the staff impresses with exceptional dining service. Noteworthy features such as the captivating indoor and outdoor spaces, comfortable dressing rooms, and scrumptious cuisine add to the unique appeal. Despite the occasional challenge, swift resolutions and open communication are guaranteed. With high praise from both patrons and vendors for its ambiance, professional service, and delectable food, Millcreek Inn stands as a highly recommended choice for a memorable wedding ceremony.


  1. Event Coordination: Provide guidance through the planning process, help with scheduling, and ensure everything runs smoothly on the event day.
  2. Venue Decoration: A beautifully decorated venue with many flowers and plants. They also set up the tables and furniture.
  3. Catering: Provide food and drinks for the event, including dinner, desserts, and full bar service. Guests have highly praised their food and desserts.
  4. Staff Support: Friendly staff members who assist with setting up, serving food, and taking care of guests during the event.
  5. Accommodation Assistance: Securing special rates at nearby hotels for out-of-town guests.


8. Clubhouse on South Temple

Address: 850 E S Temple St, Salt Lake City          Phone: 385-313-8285

The Clubhouse shines as a versatile venue, capable of flawlessly hosting a diverse range of events – from weddings to concerts, and corporate gatherings. Its appeal lies not only in its rich historical charm, beautifully highlighted by stunning stained glass and architectural features, but also in its adaptability. Complementing this, the highly committed team goes the extra mile to ensure the smooth running of events, despite minor challenges like limited parking. As a vibrant community space, it offers unique experiences beyond the traditional scope of an event venue. For the booking and apponment, please visit official website.


  1. Wedding Venue: The Clubhouse provides an enchanting setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions, helping to make the special day truly memorable.
  2. Concert Hosting: The venue has the facilities to accommodate concerts, including a stage and sound system, making it a great choice for musical events.
  3. Corporate Gatherings: Offers the space and logistical support necessary for corporate meetings, workshops, or seminars.
  4. Community Events: The venue hosts various community events such as ecstatic dance, sound therapy baths, and more, fostering a vibrant community spirit.
  5. Photography and Film Shoots: The Clubhouse’s stunning architecture and historical charm provide a unique backdrop for photo shoots and film productions.


9. Sugar House Garden Center

Address: 1602 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City          Phone: 801-913-0470

Sugar House venue is a perfectly maintained, clean, and modest facility accommodating various gatherings. Tucked beside the scenic Sugarhouse Park, the venue is ideal for a diverse range of events. Its spacious, well-maintained interiors with two large rooms and a kitchen can comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests at reasonable prices. The facility excels in hosting various functions, from corporate gatherings to intimate celebrations, providing excellent service and amenities. With ample parking, easy park access, and dedicated, friendly staff, the venue ensures a memorable experience for all attendees. Moreover, it’s affordability and remarkable setting make it a fantastic choice for memorable events.


  1. Event Space: The venue provides large rooms and a kitchen, accommodating up to 200 guests for diverse events.
  2. Garden Center:  Offers a unique space for garden-themed events and flower exhibitions.
  3. Rental Services: They cater to various occasions, from corporate to personal events, with their rental services.
  4. Accessibility: With plenty of parking and easy park access, the venue ensures convenience for guests.
  5. Exceptional Staff: The friendly staff is always ready to assist, ensuring seamless event planning and execution.


10. Arbor Manor Event Venue & Garden

Address: 2888 W 4700 S, Salt Lake City          Phone: 801-897-0708

Arbor Manor is a pinnacle in event venues, blending aesthetics, versatility, and value effortlessly. Its stunning design and ability to adapt to indoor and outdoor gatherings make it a highly appealing choice. Highlight features include its fair pricing structure, unparalleled cleanliness, and ample parking facilities. What sets it apart is the unique flexibility offered to guests, allowing them to bring their catering, decor, and vendors, ensuring a truly personalized experience. With a grand ballroom and multiple well-appointed spaces, Arbor Manor facilitates many meticulously planned events. This venue combines the allure of bespoke customization with exceptional value, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a memorable event experience.


  1. Wedding venue: Arbor Manor is a beautiful wedding venue offering indoor and outdoor spaces.
  2. Event planning: Mike, the owner of Arbor Manor, helps plan and coordinate all aspects of the wedding day.
  3. Photography: Arbor Manor has professional photographers available to capture the special moments of the event.
  4. Full flexibility: The venue allows clients to bring in their catering, vendors, and decor, giving them full control over their event.
  5. Full-service event coordination: Arbor Manor offers full-service event coordinators who can bring clients’ ideas to life using a wide range of in-house decor.



Choosing a low cost wedding venue in Salt Lake City, Utah, doesn’t mean you’re compromising on the beauty and significance of your special day. A budget-conscious decision can be just as magical, offering an intimate and memorable experience. With this article’s help, you can sort out the best wedding venue in your city at an affordable price. With your love story now entwined in this captivating cityscape, you’ve proven that breathtaking doesn’t always mean bank-breaking. After all, the real magic lies in your union, not in the extravagance of the venue. Feel free to contact us, if you have any question in your mind.