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6 Low Cost Wedding Venues in Logan Utah

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Low Cost Wedding Venues in Logan

Logan Utah, is the city of the heartwood people, where people love their status and value; it was tough for us to create an interview with the owners of the wedding venues. It was also difficult for me to sort out the low cost wedding venues in Logan, because each venue listed below is cheap, affordable, and low in price but not in quality.

In this article, you will find the best wedding venues and prices for your lovely moment. These venues provide quality services for their customers, including catering and food. All the venues listed below are highly rated in Google Business Profile passed on by our experienced reviewers. Please contact us if you have any suggestions. Let’s start!


1. Logan Depot Utah

Address:   75 S 600 W, Logan, UT
Phone:     +1 435-752-4544

The Logan Freight Depot, a storied landmark in Logan and Cache Valley, epitomizes the area’s rich rail history. Their competitive prices offer great value for renting a venue with rich historical and cultural significance. As the oldest rail-related building in the region, it is a unique remnant of the once-prevalent frame buildings of the Logan rail yard. More than just an architectural marvel, the depot symbolizes the community’s tenacity in forging vital connections throughout Utah and beyond. 

Its historical significance extends from its role in telegraph and telephone services to its contribution to the growth of local agriculture. It is an elegant, affordable wedding venue today, beautifully renovated, seamlessly blending historic charm with modern amenities. In its dual role as a historical monument and contemporary event space, the Logan Freight Depot continues to hold a special place in the heart of the community.


  1. Offers a unique and historic setting for weddings, board meetings, and intimate events.
  2. Extra space available for Parties
  3. Their modern facilities ensure comfort and convenience while preserving historical charm.
  4. Provides exceptional service with staff committed to event arrangements.
  5. Music and Photo Shoots available


2. The Logan House Reception Center

Address: 136 W 100 N, Logan, UT
Phone:     +1 435-760-3115

The Logan House in Logan, UT, is a splendid venue for weddings and events, renowned for its exquisite landscaping and charming ambiance. Owners Jerry and Anita Hughes have skillfully created an enchanting setting that effortlessly accommodates large gatherings while retaining an intimate feel. The historical significance of this early 20th-century American four-square house adds a unique touch, enhanced by the magical transformation of the space at dusk. 

With comprehensive facilities, including a well-equipped garage for catering and ample parking, The Logan House ensures a seamless experience. Its versatility for various events and the owners’ helpful nature make it an ideal choice for those seeking a memorable and picturesque venue.


  1. Comprehensive event setup starting from $2200 with basic plan
  2. Day of Event Coordination begins from $3500, depending on the number of guests (including the basic plan).
  3. Beautiful and well-maintained landscaping provides a stunning and natural backdrop for events.
  4. Decor pieces, including arches and tables.
  5. Spacious for both intimate and large events.
  6. Convenient parking options for guests.


3. The Riter Mansion

Address:    168 N 100 E, Logan, UT
Phone:      +1 435-752-7727

The Riter Mansion in Logan’s Historic District is a delightful blend of historical elegance and modern comfort, making it an ideal choice for weddings and other special events. The mansion has beautifully decorated and clean rooms, particularly the main suite with its luxurious jetted tub and balcony. 

The services are notable for their attentiveness and dedication to ensuring memorable experiences, with a special mention of the delicious breakfast offerings, including standout apple pancakes. The mansion offers the convenience of nearby restaurants and stores while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. 

Its historical significance as a formal ballroom adds a layer of charm, making it a preferred venue for indoor and outdoor events. While there are some areas for improvement, the Riter Mansion’s overall appeal lies in its blend of historical allure, excellent service, and prime location.


  1. Experience unique comfort with six distinctively designed guest rooms, perfect for any length of stay, with free Wifi.
  2. Weddings & Events offers a versatile venue suitable for events.
  3. Delight in the charming outdoor gardens, ideal for actual al fresco events, just outside the large carriage doors.
  4. A freshly prepared breakfast each morning is served in the cozy ambiance of our sunroom.
  5. It is conveniently located in the heart of Logan, close to restaurants and shops, while maintaining a quiet atmosphere.
  6. Historical significance, featuring a formal ballroom and Victorian architecture, adding charm to events.
  7. Safe and accessible environment, providing comfort and ease for guests.


4. The ANNEX

Address:   64 Federal Ave Suite 140, Logan, UT
Phone:      +1 435-200-1511

In the heart of historic downtown Logan, the ANNEX stands out as a versatile and stylish venue. Its chic urban design, exposed beams and polished cement floors, offers a unique blend of modern aesthetics and inviting ambiance. Ideal for various events, from elegant weddings to intimate gatherings, its stunning rooftop views add a special touch. The space requires minimal decoration, highlighting its inherent charm.

Additionally, the helpfulness of the owners and the availability of quality audio-visual equipment make planning events seamless. Central location and reasonable pricing further enhance its appeal, making The ANNEX a top choice for memorable occasions.


  1. Versatile event spaces suit weddings, receptions, baby showers, and corporate events.
  2. Office holiday parties & celebrations
  3. Stunning rooftop views with ample seating and atmospheric lighting.
  4. Responsive and helpful owners and staff.
  5. Business meetings & presentations
  6. Client luncheons
  7. Employee training & team building events
  8. Private events like Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Family reunions, and Milestone celebrations.


5. David B. Haight Center

Address:  555 N Champ Ave, Logan, UT
Phone:     +1 435-797-0423

The David B. Haight Center in Logan, Utah, is an exquisite venue, perfect for various events, including weddings, banquets, and conferences. Its beautiful setting is complemented by delicious food, adding charm to any occasion. 

The staff is widely recognized for their efficiency and friendliness, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable guest experience. Conveniently located at Utah State University, the center offers easy accessibility and ample parking, making it an ideal choice for both local and visiting attendees. 

With its versatility and exceptional service, the David B. Haight Center is not just a venue but a memorable part of any special event.


  1. Ideal for weddings, banquets, and various special events.
  2. Delicious food catering.
  3. Friendly and efficient staff providing excellent service.
  4. Easy accessibility and ample parking.
  5. Versatile facility suitable for meetings, conferences, reunions, and recitals.


6. Cache County Event Center

Address: 490 S 500 W, Logan, UT
Phone: +1 435-755-1671

The Cache County Event Center is a gem in Cache Valley, renowned for its versatility and excellence in hosting various events. The center caters to all interests, from thrilling monster truck rides to unique vintage shopping experiences and specialized shows like the Rock and Gem exhibition. Its spacious facilities are clean, well-maintained, and adaptable for various event sizes. 

The center’s staff are known for their efficiency and helpfulness, contributing significantly to the seamless execution of events. Moreover, the availability of delicious food options adds to the overall enjoyment. This venue epitomizes the community’s commitment to providing quality experiences, making it an ideal choice for both public gatherings and private events.


  1. Hosting diverse events (e.g., monster truck shows, vintage fairs, Rock and Gem shows).
  2. Spacious, adaptable facilities for different event sizes.
  3. Clean, well-maintained premises.
  4. Efficient, helpful staff for event planning.
  5. Variety of food options available.
  6. Amenities like stages, tables, chairs, and video walls.


Sum Up

Sort out affordable and low cost wedding venues in Logan, Utah, ideal for budget-friendly couples. This article highlights six unique locations that offer a blend of beauty and cost-effectiveness, affordability, and cheapness. These venues are cheap and low quality. From scenic outdoor settings to charming indoor spaces, these venues cater to diverse preferences and styles.

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