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3 Affordable Wedding Venues in Murray Utah

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wedding venues in Murray ut

Murray, Utah offers couples looking for an ideal setting in which to exchange vows that is both elegant and affordable a dream wedding venue. Murray offers several affordable venues for a fairytale ceremony experience!

Desert Star Banquet Center boasts whimsical elegance for any celebration, while Legacy Weddings & Events creates memories with breathtaking decor, and Rockwell Catering & Events brings culinary excellence together with intimate festivity for an exceptional event experience.

These 3 Affordable Wedding Venues in Murray Utah are more than simply spaces; they are gateways to new adventures and each offers something special for your big day. Exploring Murray’s wedding reception locations and reception centers becomes an adventure in itself.

So, give yourself the gift of romance and allure with wedding venues in Murray, UT where your love story can begin anew.

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1. Legacy Weddings & Events

Address: 5778 Ayrshire Dr, Murray, UT          Phone: +1 801-839-4098

Legacy Weddings has made itself the go-to source for couples searching for their ideal venue in Murray, Utah. Renowned for turning ordinary spaces into exquisite locations for receptions, they specialize in crafting unforgettable celebrations.

Legacy stands out with its impeccable professionalism and attention to detail, guaranteeing a stress-free event from start to finish. Not only are their decorations stunning but Legacy also offers comprehensive service packages including high-quality linens, tables, chairs, and centerpieces for hire. Legacy Weddings excels at providing seamless events; from planning and coordination through post-event clean-up, they allow couples and their guests to savor every moment of their special day.

When searching for exceptional wedding reception venues in Murray, Utah Legacy Weddings stands out with its beautiful combination of beauty, quality, and personalized service – making your celebration truly memorable.


  1. Grand Backdrop Package – $1,699
  2. Wall and Ceiling Deluxe Package – $1,299


  1. Comprehensive wedding planning and consulting services.
  2. Customized event decor designed to fit individual preferences.
  3. Tailored decorations that create an atmosphere unique for each event.
  4. Specializing in creating eye-catching centerpieces to enliven any venue.
  5. Expert Wedding Reception Management to guarantee a successful celebration.
  6. Dedicated wedding consultant services available to assist couples through the planning process.
  7. Custom-designed services available for an unforgettable event experience.
  8. Professional handling of Weddings & Events with a focus on every detail.
  9.  Full service event planning ensures a stress-free event experience.


2. Desert Star Banquet Center UT

Address: 4861 State St, Murray, UT          Phone: +1 801-293-9393

The Desert Star Banquet Center stands out as an exceptional wedding venue in Murray, Utah with a stellar 4.3 rating from 22 reviews. Recognized for hosting lively receptions that leave families filled with happiness for generations, passing down traditions from one generation after the other.

Desert Star Banquet Center stands out as an exceptional choice for wedding receptions in Murray, Utah, offering an enthralling blend of high-quality entertainment and culinary treats. Renowned for its exquisite plays and homemade delicacies – especially its famous homemade cakes.

The Desert Star Banquet Center provides couples and guests alike with an unforgettable experience at their celebrations. Plus with accessibility features including wheelchair-friendly amenities all are invited to share in joyous festivities; making this venue not just another venue but an essential family tradition making this an ideal venue choice when searching for wedding reception locations near Murray Utah!


  1. Home to high-quality theatrical plays featuring talented casts.
  2. Delectable dining options include homemade brownies, ice cream, pizzas, and chicken strips made fresh daily in-house.
  3. Wheelchair-accessible parking and entrance facilities.
  4. Season tickets available to regular patrons.
  5. Fun and engaging environment perfect for family traditions and celebrations.
  6. Events tailored specifically for current events, local/national figures, and pop culture.
  7. The staff ensures an exceptional dining experience.
  8. A venue that fosters multi-generational family engagement.


3. Rockwell Catering & Events

Address: 6064 300 W #11, Murray, UT          Phone: +1 801-361-3001

Rockwell Catering excels at creating memorable events through exceptional service and delectable cuisine, turning each event into an exceptional occasion. With an outstanding team that excels in both professionalism and culinary expertise, they deliver catering services for a wide variety of events – guaranteeing satisfaction with each bite!

Their ability to gracefully handle last-minute changes highlights their dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. Their affordability despite providing luxury-level service speaks to their value. Rockwell Catering stands out as a premier catering experience due to its engagement with clients and meticulous attention to detail, making it a top pick for flawless catering experiences.

Their dedication not only to food quality but also memorable service makes Rockwell Catering one of the top recommendations for any special event.


The venue provides 8 different types of menus for 100 guests minimum: See the Manu List


  1. Specializing in memorable culinary experiences for wedding receptions and ceremonies.
  2. Services for corporate events, luncheons, and large gatherings.
  3. Offering a diverse buffet setup for various events, ensuring quality and variety.
  4. Customized catering solutions for private dinners, parties, and special occasions.
  5. Catering services for large events, ensuring seamless execution and guest satisfaction.
  6. Personal Chef Catering
  7. A wide range of delightful desserts to complement any meal or event.
  8. Efficient food delivery services for events, offering convenience and reliability.



As our journey through Murray, Utah draws to an end, we become entranced by all that low-cost wedding venues have to offer couples looking forward to embarking on the journey of a lifetime. Desert Star Banquet Center, Legacy Weddings & Events, and Rockwell Catering & Events provide options to couples hoping for an exquisite wedding day without burdensome costs.

Murray wedding reception venues perfectly capture the essence of Murray, offering both affordability and elegance in their celebration of love. In Murray, wedding reception spaces serve more as canvases waiting to be painted with your unique love story than simply serving as spaces.

No matter which reception center in Murray, Utah you choose or its services that can meet all your needs and desires for your perfect day, one thing remains certain: Murray can be your perfect backdrop! So enjoy every step along this journey that begins now… and remember: forever begins here.

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